Wispact Foundation Grant Spotlight: Padres e Hijos en Accion (Parents and Children in Action), Fitchburg, WI

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Hands on Activities at Padres e Hijos en Accion

Interview with Hector Portillo, Founder & Executive Director

Padres e Hijos en Accion (Parents and Children in Action) is a grassroots organization of individuals with disabilities, their families, friends and community members building fulfilling and community-centered lives for Latino children.

Padres e Hijos en Accion is making the necessary changes to achieve racial equity by finding ways to include children, within all ranges of all spectrums, and their families in activities that were not previously available. Activities include cooking, art, gardening, biking, jumping (in a trampoline park), and climbing. These activities are essential for children with disabilities as they help develop social, play, communication, independent skills, literacy, pre-vocational, and fine and gross motor skills.

While talking with Hector Portillo, Founder & Executive Director, he reinforced the importance of support through inclusivity. “We work very hard to include the immediate and extended family to be part of our programs and workshops to practice more equity and inclusion. It’s a powerful way to support those who need it and embraces the total family in the effort,” Portillo said.

Support from the Wispact Foundation has played a role in helping Padres e Hijos en Accion achieve its mission by supporting a variety of educational and hands on activities including:

• Educational radio shows in Spanish on topics related to navigating and accessing services and resources and the importance of stress management for Latino families.

• A series of inclusive stress management activities including: cooking classes, gardening, bike activities, art activities, Yoga and more.

• The purchase of assistive devices for the disabled and sensory appropriate equipment and activities for those on the spectrum.

“I feel very happy, appreciated and blessed to have received our Wispact Grants. I’m speechless because it’s so reassuring to be recognized by one of the few organizations who make inclusion and equity a reality,” Portillo concluded.