2022 Grant Applications Closed – Outreach to 90+ Organizations

by | Announcements

The application deadline closed on Monday August 8th. The Wispact staff will be reviewing applications for presentation to a sub-committee of the Board of Directors. Applications with a recommendation for approval will presented as a slate to the entire Wispact Board of Directors in October of 2022. Grantees who have been awarded grants will receive notice in Mid-November and the checks will be provided by the end of the year.

Wispact conducted outreach to over 200 organizations around the state this year and we have received over 90 applications. We are very pleased to have connected with so many organizations so that we can raise awareness of this opportunity. Wispact is very intentional about making an impact on the community of disability services. We are very excited about the responsiveness and look forward to building more partnerships.

For more information, contact Eric DeGroot, Foundation Director, edegroot@wispact.org