Grant Spotlight: Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, Milwaukee, WI

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The Quiet Room at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum provides a greater level of accessibility to the facility

Interview with Bill Pariso, Vice President of Education

The mission of Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee is to inspire all children to wonder and explore their world through play and innovative hands-on learning experiences. “The Museum is a diverse and vibrant community space. Understanding and meeting the unique needs of our visitors is vitally important to us,” said Bill Pariso, Vice President of Education.

As a grant recipient from the Wispact Foundation, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum was able to add a Quiet Room for children with autism and sensory processing disorders. To some children, any museum can be overwhelming at times. Those who’ve taken advantage of the Quiet Room have appreciated having an alternative to simply leaving. The room offers a calm space to allow children to regroup and get back out and play if they are able and want to. The Quiet Room also allows caregivers access to tools and resources to help calm and reassure their child.

“The Wispact Grant has made our Quiet Room possible, ensuring an enjoyable experience for caregivers and children who may need a break from the excitement of the exhibit spaces. We never want a family to leave the Museum feeling unsupported, and our sensory-friendly initiatives have provided more of an understanding for how we can help. Providing equal opportunities for all children is essential to our mission,” Pariso added.

A few direct quotes from parents include “The quiet room was a great space to decompress, my child was very overwhelmed,” and “Thank you so much for having a space we can take a break, my family really needed it.”

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